To maintain profitability in these times, it is critical that retailers be very selective about the contract security companies they partner with.

With the rise of online shopping, retailers have seen their gross profit margins shrink as they lower prices to compete for a smaller number of brick-and-mortar shoppers. For some, margins are so low that one act of theft, vandalism, or injury can wipe out weeks’ (or even months’) worth of profits. To maintain profitability in these times, it is crucial that retailers be very selective about the retail security companies they partner with. SecureOne is not the least expensive option, but our retail security solutions are not designed for those looking for anything but the best. 

Across the nation, SecureOne’s officers are responsible for safeguarding millions of dollars of inventory and property, as well as protecting countless employees and customers every day. We provide coverage for a wide variety of retail locations, including shopping centers, malls, outlets, and free-standing locations for both independent and chain retailers. Our clients benefit from our deep industry experience, which we leverage to develop custom security solutions tailored to the unique challenges and demands presented by the brick-and-mortar locations we are assigned to protect. 

Why choose SecureOne as your contract security partner? 

  • Highly trained armed and unarmed security officers
  • Custom services and solutions 
  • 24/7 dispatch, monitoring, and reporting 
  • Above-average insurance coverage and policy limits 
  • No long-term contracts, automatic rate increases, or hidden fees 
  • Single point of contact for nationwide security vendors 
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Safeguard Retail Products, Property, and People Without Hurting Your Brand

Preventing theft and property damage without intruding on the shopping experience is the focus of SecureOne’s retail security services.

Our officers undergo extensive customer service and engagement training, ensuring they can be trusted to serve as good ambassadors of your brand. Officers are held to the highest professional standards in both appearance and approach. Of course, our public-facing security officers also receive advanced safety and security training above and beyond minimum security guard training requirements. SecureOne also exclusively hires officers with previous law enforcement, military, or security experience to provide our client’s with extra assurance that the personnel assigned to their stores are capable and dependable security professionals. 

Custom Retail Security Solutions

Retail security is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

What may work for a small independent store may not be adequate for a wholesale warehouse or shopping center. In addition to the square footage needing to be monitored and patrolled, there are additional factors to consider when developing retail security solutions for retailers, including the amount of cash and inventory on-hand, the number of employees in the store, and demographics of customers who shop there. 

SecureOne Retail Security works closely with stakeholders throughout an organization, including members from warehousing, customer service, and human resources, to get a full picture of the client’s retail security needs. We then develop proactive, site-specific security protocols to minimize all threats facing a location, including shoplifting, robbery, vandalism, pallet theft, dumpster-diving, car break-ins, trespassing, and other illegal and/or disruptive behavior. This comprehensive approach to security planning and deployment is what separates SecureOne from our low-rate, low-quality competitors. 

We provide a range of contract security services to stores, including: 

  • 24/7 mobile patrols 
  • Loss prevention
  • Inventory guarding 
  • Shoplifter apprehension 
  • Cash handling and delivery 
  • Employee/customer escorts
  • Special event coverage 
  • Parking enforcement 
  • Vacant property checks
  • Crowd control 
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