Minimize Construction Site Security Risks with SecureOne

Construction sites pose significant safety and security risks. For construction companies, these risks can amount to thousands or even millions of dollars in losses resulting from theft, liability, and project delays. SecureOne helps construction companies maintain operational continuity by providing stationary and roving security officers whose prime directive is to minimize security risks across the site for the duration of the project. 

Our security solutions are intended to help keep construction projects on time and under budget by preventing: 

  • Theft
    Even with fencing, lighting, and other passive security measures, construction sites are attractive targets for thieves. Inside theft is also a risk, especially on complex job sites with large crews of construction workers and subcontractors. Repair and re-work can eat into your project budget as much as the cost to replace expensive materials and equipment. 
  • Trespass
    Unauthorized access poses multiple risks to construction companies. In addition to the threat of vandalism and theft, trespassers also expose construction companies to significant financial losses resulting from damages awarded due to job site injuries. Construction sites require tight security measures and vigilant security officers to prevent trespassing.
  • OSHA Violations
    Although security officers are not job site inspectors, they can be given tasks and directives aimed at minimizing OSHA violations. For example, posted security officers at the entrance to a job site may require visitors to wear proper PPE protection before gaining entry. Security officers can also ensure that mandatory job site signage is not stolen or vandalized.

SecureOne has extensive experience in securing construction sites of all sizes. We understand the unique safety and security risks construction companies and contractors face, and our officers do, too. Contact us today to learn more about our contract security solutions for the construction industry.

Custom Security Solutions Designed for the Construction Industry

Monitoring and securing construction sites is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The construction industry demands specialized services and highly trained personnel; demands that can only be met by a security provider that truly understands the challenge of construction site security. SecureOne has many years of construction security experience, allowing us to develop and implement custom security solutions for job sites of varying size, complexity, and risk. 

To ensure our construction clients receive best-in-class security coverage, we develop custom training protocols that help select officers understand and appreciate the sites they will be guarding. Beyond that, assigned security officers understand the construction process so they know exactly what, who, and where they are securing at each phase of the project’s development. 

Construction Security Companies

Long or Short Term Construction Security Services

Construction Security Services in Arizona and Illinois and Nationwide
SecureOne provides flexible security coverage for contractors with varying security needs.

We can be your exclusive security vendor for all upcoming construction projects, or we can supply short-term security officers for a single construction job. Our clients primarily contract us for long-term security engagement, but we are also adept at providing as-needed, “on-demand” security; in 2019, SecureOne provided 80,000 manhours of short-term and event security, so you can count on us if you are not looking for a long-term construction security partner—although once you experience the SecureOne difference, we are confident you will want your construction sites secured exclusively by our officers. 


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