The Leading Fingerprinting Provider in Florida FDLE, Illinois IDFPR and Arizona

SecureOne provides same-day electronic fingerprint submissions to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for processing.

We fingerprint for most all professional licenses at the local, state, and federal level. As one of the leading fingerprint vendor companies in Illinois and Arizona, we process and submit hundreds of fingerprints each month for background checks involving licensing, permits, investigations, and employment. 

Using our state-of-the-art digital fingerprint capture devices, SecureOne provides same-day electronic fingerprint submissions to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for processing. Digital fingerprint capture is superior to the ink method as it reduces the risk of rejected fingerprints and can be submitted instantly for expedited processing. Our fast, accurate, and convenient fingerprinting services minimize delays so you can quickly proceed to the next stage in the employment or licensing process. We also provide mobile fingerprinting services (discounts available for groups of 8 or more), further proving why Secure is the most convenient and customer-friendly fingerprinting provider. 

SecureOne is the leading provider for all government agency requested and employment related fingerprints. Our trained fingerprint technicians and enrollment agents can assist you with fingerprinting for a wide variety of programs, industries, and agencies, including: 

  • Security and Law Enforcement
    Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW), PERC Card, Firearms Instructor, Armed Security Guards, Unarmed Security Guards, Security Guard Agency License, Private Investigator License, and more. 
  • Education
    Teacher, Charter School Instructor, Social Services Employees and Volunteers (Adam Wash Act), School Contractor/Subcontractor/Vendor, Non-Certified School Personnel, School Bus Drivers, and more. 
  • Healthcare
    Child Care Employees and Volunteers, Child Care Facility Licensure, Child Behavior Health Program Employees and Volunteers, Home Health Agencies, Nursing Care Administrators, Assisted Living Facility Managers, and more. 
  • Children, Family, and Adoption
    Child Care, Unlicensed Daycare, Private Adoption, Early Intervention Services, Department of Juvenile Corrections Licensee or Contract Provider, and more. 
  • Vehicle and Transportation
    Charter Bus Driver, Commercial Transportation Vehicle Relocator, Recovery Permit License, Vehicle Dealer License, Driving School Instructor, and more. 
  • Cannabis
    Wholesale Marijuana Distributor, Cannabis Cultivating Agent, Craft Grower, Medical Marijuana Dispensary Agents,  and more. 

Out-of-State Fingerprinting Services

SecureOne can process fingerprint cards for out-of-state applicants between Illinois and Arizona.

Our technology and personnel allow us to process and submit fingerprints much faster than our competitors, most times the same day applications are received. A receipt and TCN # will be emailed to you as soon as we transmit, so you can rest assured that your fingerprint card was successfully received and processed. 

  • Illinois IDFPR License Applicants
    We are licensed and authorized to accept / transmit fingerprint cards from anyone applying for License in Illinois.
  • Florida FDLE License Applicants
    We can process fingerprint cards for most Florida FDLE and ACHA state requirements, and more
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