About SecureOne

SecureOne, Inc. has been providing local, regional, and nationwide contract security services for almost two decades.

In this time, we have quickly grown into one of the leading security companies in the United States. 

Our SecureOne corporate management team has hundreds of years of combined security experience and includes a retired National Security Director from a Fortune 50 company, a former Vice President of a national security provider, an Army National Guard Captain in charge of Military Police (MPs), and several former Area Managers from the “other” security agencies. 

SecureOne’s management philosophy goes beyond satisfying the terms of a contract. We are committed to being the best in the industry, and by all accounts we are accomplishing our mission: 70% of new clients are referrals from existing clients. With SecureOne, you can expect: 

  • Field supervisor inspections included at no additional cost 
  • Above-average insurance coverage and policy limits
  • Single point of contact available to every client 24/7 
  • Superior customer service and administrative support
  • Consistent Communication and suggestions for improvement
  • Management staff with hundreds of years of combined experience

The SecureOne Advantage: Training, Technology, & Talent

SecureOne is the gold standard of excellence for contract security.

We are not the least expensive security provider, but we prefer being the best over being the cheapest.  Backed by advanced technology, industry-leading training, and superior operational, logistical, and administrative support, SecureOne is the gold standard of excellence for contract security. 

Training and supervision are the difference between our security officers and our competitor’s security guards. In fact, our training protocols are so acclaimed in the industry that many of the nation’s largest security firms send their new hires to our training facilities. But unlike our competitors, SecureOne’s officer training does not stop after orientation. We continually develop, test, and refresh our officers’ abilities, ensuring they always have the knowledge, skills, and ability to provide world-class security in any situation. We also have an in-house Director of Training to oversee the development and implementation of custom training programs for each client’s industry or facility.  

Like many of the largest global security providers, SecureOne has invested heavily in computer technology. But unlike many of our competitors, we actually know how to deploy that technology to provide industry-leading security coverage and exceptional customer service. Our suite of advanced technology includes GPS Insight(Realtime vehicle tracking and in car 360 camera), Valiant (the most advanced scheduling and billing system of its kind designed specifically for the security industry), and Patroltrac (our proprietary, state-of-the-art office accountability and incident reporting platform). 

Make no mistake about it: our security professionals are among the best in the world. The rationale behind this claim (and the reason it is true) is is our exceptional, unmatched selection process. One of the ways we ensure effective job performance is to hire only those with prior military, law enforcement, or security experience. Additionally, as part of SecureOne’s comprehensive pre-screening evaluation and suitability investigation, we require applicants to possess and display certain personal traits that separate our professional security officers from minimum-wage security guards, including sound judgment, emotional maturity, personal pride, a positive attitude, and a positive view regarding the contract security profession.

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Here for All of Your Security Needs

Onsite security officers, mobile security patrols, short-term security staffing, and more, whatever you need, Secureone delivers.

Between our experienced leaders, there is no security situation we have not faced and no security problem we have not solved. Get in touch with us today and let us know how SecureOne can provide the custom security solution you are looking for.