Unauthorized guests, domestic altercations, illegally parked cars, theft, vandalism—there is no shortage of security risks facing the hospitality sector.

Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, and More

Fortunately, SecureOne has experience safeguarding a wide range of hospitality facilities, including hotels, motels, resorts, casino security, timeshare properties, country clubs, and convention centers, making us uniquely qualified to provide contract security to this high-touch industry. 

Our best-in-class hospitality security services are backed by advanced technology and superior administrative, operational, and logistical support. We provide highly trained hospitality security officers and comprehensive security solutions tailored to each individual property we are assigned. The facility managers and security directors we work with appreciate our professionalism, diligence, and attention to detail, and you will, too. 

SecureOne is your one provider for all contract security needs, including: 

  • 24/7 patrol security 
  • Executive/VIP security (high-profile guests and celebrities) 
  • Special event security 
  • Lobby concierge/doorman services 
  • Guest and visitor monitoring/chaperone services
  • Parking security, monitoring and enforcement
  • Alarm monitoring 
  • Facilities protection 
  • Maintenance checks 

No matter the size of your property, how many guests you accommodate, or how complex your safety and security needs are, SecureOne provides the hospitality security solution you are looking for. Call or contact us online today to learn more about our experience, expertise, and exceptional services.

SecureOne Officers: Protecting Your Guests, Property, and Brand Reputation

SecureOne offers high-end, customer service focused security for the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry faces many unique challenges, not the least of which is balancing safety and security with a stellar guest experience. In today’s highly connected world of social media and review sites, one bad security experience can irreversibly tarnish a hotel’s reputation. That is why SecureOne offers high-end, customer service focused casino and hotel security services and more for the hospitality industry. 

With SecureOne, you get highly trained security officers who have an unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. Our officers are professional in both demeanor and appearance, acting as front-line customer service ambassadors in addition to safety and security providers. At the same time, our officers undergo comprehensive safety and security training above and beyond minimum security guard standards, including enhanced situational awareness and active shooter response. We also exclusively hire officers with previous military, law enforcement, or security experience, providing our clients with assurance that guests and property are safeguarded by highly capable security professionals at all times.

Further illustrating SecureOne’s commitment to delivering best-in-class hospitality security is the fact that our officers receive specialized training through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). We offer our clients the option of having Certified Lodging Security Officers (CLSOs) assigned to their properties. 

Hospitality security services for hotels casinos and resorts throughout the U.S.

Custom Security Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

We go over the client’s specific security needs to ensure that every detail is covered, every corner is checked, every corridor is secured, and every guest is safe.

SecureOne is not the least expensive contract security provider, but that is not what our clients are looking for; they want solid advice, superior operational support, and comprehensive security solutions tailored to their needs—exactly what SecureOne provides. 

When we begin an engagement with a hotel, resort, or other hospitality property, we first go over the client’s specific security needs to ensure that every detail is covered, every corner is checked, every corridor is secured, and every guest is safe. Our hospitality security directors work in partnership with facility managers and other key hospitality staff to help identify risks and present custom solutions that go above and beyond traditional guard-level services, unlike other security companies. We also have Certified Lodging Security Directors (CLSDs) on staff in each office to better serve our hospitality clients. 

SecureOne can also assist hospitality groups with multiple establishments across the United States. We maintain a nationwide network of pre-screened hospitality security agencies that are evaluated against a comprehensive, multi-point checklist covering insurance, training, technology, capabilities, customer service, and more. We also act as the single point of contact for billing, staffing, deployment, and management of multiple contract security vendors, allowing hotel facility managers and security directors to focus on other critical issues. 

One call is all it takes; SecureOne handles the rest. 

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Industry experience, highly trained officers, advanced technology, superior customer service, and nationwide coverage combine to make SecureOne the leading provider of hospitality security. Call or contact us online so we can help you identify the right security solution for your hospitality group. Quotes and references available upon request.