Consolidated Security Project Management

Take the guesswork (and headache) out of finding security providers for multiple locations in multiple states. Contact SecureOne and leave the rest to us.

SecureOne is a licensed provider of onsite and patrol security in 12 States. In states where we are not licensed to provide our own security officers, we draw from our nationwide network of pre-screen and qualified security agencies that share our commitment to excellence. SecureOne performs a comprehensive screening process to identify partner agencies to join our network. We evaluate out-of-state security agencies using a multi-point checklist covering insurance, training, technology, capabilities, customer service, and more; if we are not satisfied with a security provider, neither will you. We only subcontract with the highest quality security providers in the United States so you can rest assured you are receiving the best security money can buy. 

Clients with multiple locations in multiple states rely on SecureOne as their single point of contact for security vendor management. Benefits of our consolidated security project management include: 

  • Nationwide network of pre-screened security providers
  • Single point of contact for security billing, staffing, and management 
  • Account directors are experienced security industry professionals 
  • Scalable deployment of security resources for growing coverage needs 

Short-Term and Event Security

In 2019, SecureOne provided 80,000 manhours of short-term and event security.

In 2019, SecureOne provided in excess of 80,000 manhours of short-term and event security. We supply highly-trained armed and unarmed security personnel at a moment’s notice for clients and assignments only requiring temporary security coverage. SecureOne account executives will work with you to thoroughly understand your short-term security needs so we can develop custom solutions tailored to the unique security challenges facing your special event or temporary situation. 

Our attention to detail and comprehensive planning is what makes us one of the leading providers of temporary security solutions in Arizona and Illinois. We hand-select security officers for each event or short-term assignment based on the client’s needs and threat profile. And because our officers are highly experienced and professionally trained, they know how to work with event teams to ensure smooth security operations from start to finish. 

Short-term and Event Security Services Phoenix AZ, Tucson AZ, Chicago IL

Green Security Services

SecureOne is a leading provider of environmentally conscious, “eco-friendly” security.

We provide the same highly-trained professional security officers backed by the same industry-leading technology and customer service as our standard onsite and patrol security services but with a greater emphasis on being sensitive to the environment and surrounding community. Our green security services include fuel-efficient patrol fleets comprised of hybrid or electric vehicles. We also provide 100% paperless reporting and billing; clients can even set up ACH arrangements to eliminate the use of paper checks and envelopes. 


How Can We Help You?

SecureOne’s management team has more than 150 years of combined security industry experience.

There is no security issue we have not faced, and no security problem we have not solved. If you have any questions or require a custom security service not listed on our website, please contact us so we can help you identify the right solution. We look forward to solving all your security needs.