Cannabis dispensaries, cultivation sites, warehousing facilities, and other sites within the cannabis supply chain face multiple security risks.

Cannabis dispensaries, cultivation sites, warehousing facilities, and other sites within the cannabis supply chain face multiple security risks. Very few businesses in the United States have as much high-value, untraceable product on hand as cannabis operators; facilities can have hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of product stock that is virtually unrecoverable if stolen. Many major banks also refuse to accept money derived from the legal sale of cannabis, which means dispensaries frequently operate as cash-only businesses. Combined, these factors explain why cannabis facilities are appealing targets for criminals—and why cannabis operators should be very selective about the contract security provider they partner with. 

SecureOne is an industry-leading provider of cannabis security solutions for dispensaries, marijuana testing labs, infusing facilities, craft growers, cultivation sites, and more. Our attention to detail, combined with our client-specific training protocols and custom security solutions, has quickly made us one of the top choices for contract cannabis security in the markets we serve. Our approach to contract security ensures that every scenario is planned for, every detail is taken care of, and that every security officer assigned to your facility has the training, tools, and resources needed to safeguard the most important elements of your business: the products you sell, the people you employ, the people you serve, and the profits you earn. 

Why SecureOne is the best one for cannabis security: 

  • We have experience guarding medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis facilities in Arizona and Illinois, so we understand the unique security threats and risks facing industry operators. 
  • We provide end-to-end security coverage and solutions for multi-state cannabis operations thanks to our nationwide network of pre-screened cannabis security providers. 
  • We design, implement, and oversee custom security solutions and training protocols to address our cannabis clients’ unique security needs and challenges. 
  • We have above-average insurance coverage and policy limits, ensuring that we meet minimum insurance requirements to provide security for cannabis facilities. 
  • We supply both armed and unarmed security officers, as well as 24/7 onsite and patrol services to provide the exact level of security your cannabis business needs. 

Highly Trained Cannabis Security Officers

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Training is at the core of what separates our cannabis security officers from run-of-the-mill security guards—and what separates SecureOne from lesser security providers.

Before we dispatch personnel to any cannabis assignment, they first go through rigorous, client-specific training so they understand both the challenges faced by the industry as well as the particular cannabis facility they will be guarding. Our in-house Director of Training accounts for all security risks, threats, and challenges a dispensary or grow facility will face to ensure that all personnel assigned to that client provide superior, proactive security. 

Custom Cannabis Security Solutions

Although cannabis facilities face similar threats, no two operations have similar security needs.

Cannabis security is not a turnkey solution; in order to proactively guard against robbery, theft, product tampering, and other issues, a security program must account for the actual day-to-day risks facing a dispensary, processing facility, grow-house, or warehouse. SecureOne develops custom security solutions for each of our cannabis clients that go above and beyond traditional “security guard” duties. The result: superior security that leaves nothing to chance. 

Your unique contract security solution may include: 

  • Armed and/or unarmed cannabis security officers 
  • Onsite and/or mobile robbery suppression units 
  • Cash handling and delivery 
  • Product handling and delivery 
  • Employee check-ins/check-outs 
  • Employee/customer escorts 
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SecureOne is uniquely qualified to provide all of your cannabis-related security needs.

Our officers, trainers, field supervisors, and managers come from various fields of law enforcement, military, and private security, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that elevates the level of security we provide our clients. 

Contact SecureOne today to learn more about our experience in the cannabis industry or to request a contract security quote. We look forward to developing a custom security solution that will safeguard your high-risk business from all threats imaginable.