We conduct salary surveys within every area we transact business on a semi monthly basis to ensure that we are paying higher than industry average for that area. Additionally, we provide professional training, opportunities for advancement and incentive award programs. We understand that our most valuable asset is our officers and we must take care of those who protect our clients.

We firmly believe that “Failure to train is training to fail.” Our library is full of various training programs available to all employees for all types of industries and topics, including Verbal Judo, Event Security, Workplace Violence, Traffic Control, Bloodborne Pathogens, Ethics, Diversity Awareness, Loss Prevention, Legal Briefs, Campus Security and more.

We understand that in this industry, some clients only require security professionals for a short-term basis. Please call or email us for additional information.

We hold current licenses in multiple states in which we conduct business. In states where we are not licensed, we draw from our network of pre-screened security agencies that share our values, allowing us to cover all 50 states. The benefit to clients with multiple locations is you have one invoice and one company to deal with. We do the rest.

We offer many different bonus programs for our employees including; new hire bonuses, lead referrals, no call-off bonuses, holiday bonuses, officers of the month and year bonuses/awards and more.

No. We will never lock you into a multiple year agreement Never sign an agreement for multiple years. They may sound cheap in year 1 – but they make up for it in subsequent years. You need a hedge against poor performance and automatic increases.

Our contracts always include a 30-day termination clause that allows either party to cancel the contract for any reason with 30-day written notice. We are confident in the services we provide.

No. We make sure all charges are spelled out in the agreement. Never accept an agreement with variables – paying for incurred overtime, officer training, post inspections etc.